Writing for the Web

Not exactly what you learned in school

Viewers of your web site will be coming to get information

  • What it is you do and why you do it

  • How much it costs

  • Relevant information

They want to find things quickly. They scan. They will not be sitting down with a cup of coffee to read a lovely long story. It is crucial that you write in short easy to read thoughts - no flowery language. Keep superlatives to your headings and stick to facts in your paragraphs.

In school, we were taught to build to the climax. For web sites, the climax, or main point, has to be stated at the beginning with the details and finer points to follow.

Many "experts" recommend  writing like you speak and let your personality show. In today's endeavour to appear on the first page of a Google search, this may contribute to achieving that goal.


Write with purpose

  1. use a heading and a sub heading for each section

  2. one thought per paragraph

  3. use headings for each paragraph

  4. present your strongest point first

  5. minimize the use of acronyms and abbreviations

  6. minimize adjectives (great, amazing, etc.) and increase facts

  7. use point form as much as possible (avoid long paragraphs)

  8. pictures say a 1000 words - use them

  9. check your spelling and grammar

  10. re-check your spelling and grammar

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I am a copywriter

by Tom Albrighton 20 February 2013

Copywriting, Graphics and infographics


These simple blocks of text communicate so much.

For the non francophones, “le mot juste” means - just the right word.


Pictures say a thousand words

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