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Squarespace has many wonderful templates but many of them are variations of a "theme" - or "framework". This can be good to know when you are looking for a template with specific functions, i.e., 2 sidebars, parallax scrolling, one pagers, etc.

Thanks to Greg Sargent of www.sqsp.guru for doing his insight on all things Squarespace.

Business Full Width
The BRINE Family of templates is the latest set of full featured templates. There are too many to list here but here are some of my favourites:

  • Aria

  • Impact

  • Maple

  • Heights

The BEDFORD Family is not as full featured as the BRINE family but it is more than adequate for small to very large sites. The main feature is the ability for titles of pages contained within a dropdown navigation to automatically appear in a sidebar menu on the left side of each page within the dropdown. Great for larger multifunctional sites.

  • Bedford

  • Hayden

  • Bryant

  • Anya

Parallax scrolling (no sidebars)

  • Brine Framework

  • Alex

  • Shift

  • Adversary

One Pagers

  • Pacific

  • Fulton

  • Horizon

  • Charlotte

Bold Impression

  • Aviator

  • Encore

  • Aubrey

Not Full Width

  • Montauk

  • Julia

  • Om

Commerce $ New (March 2016)

  • Wright

  • Hyde

  • Marta

  • Thorne

  • Brine


  • Bureau

  • Haute

  • Farro

  • Tudor

  • Skye

  • Foundry

Bureau New Features

  • Unconventional Main Navigation

  • Reworked Search Function

  • Infinite Scroll

  • Related Posts

  • Display Author Profiles

  • Social Sharing Buttons

  • Interactive Post Navigation

  • Long list of Styling Options

  • Blog Landing Page Styling options

Missing features

  • parallax scrolling

  • large full width banner

  • images with text/button overlays

  • use of an index



  • Five (2 sidebars - No index)


  • Avenue (Index Grid)

  • Forte

  • Flatiron

  • Ishimoto


  • Gilapolous

  • Supply

  • Adirondack

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