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New Drone site Launched today


One of my new clients this fall was Rohl Drones Inc. It has been a great experience learning about their services. What an impressive collection of photos they gave me demonstrating the incredible high definition images of towers, quarries, and agriculture fields which are central to their work. I also had to brush up on my iMovie skills in order to edit 2 videos down to 19 seconds each. I then embedded them into a full size page display. You can check it out at

SEO advice from Tom Schmitz of Search Engine Land

SEO advice from Tom Schmitz of Search Engine Land

They say the devil is in the details. When it comes to search engine optimization, those details include some important quirks you need to know about.

  • Conforming to search engine behavior

  • Keeping-up with changes in search engine behavior

  • Playing well with other websites to protect your SEO

  • Avoiding common practices that obstruct SEO

Here are nine examples of what I [Tom Schmitz of Search Engine Land] call SEO quirks. See how many you know about.

Image format: Which is best for what?



Every type of image format has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Great for images when you need to keep the size smallGood option for photographsBad for logos, line art, and wide areas of flat color


Great for animated effectsNice option for clip art, flat graphics, and images that use minimal colors and precise linesGood option for simple logos with blocks of colors


LosslessExcellent choice when transparency is a must. Good option for logos and line art. Not supported everywhere.

Rebuilding my site with Squarespace

If the old adage is that a plumber has a leaky toilet, then I have been just as guilty by not getting my site rebuilt using Squarespace. Last year I started using Squarespace and built 6 sites for clients using this marvelous content management system.

Part of the hesitation was that I liked the look and feel of my site and, except for it not being mobile, there was no urgency. This week I started to rebuild my site (this one) and am loving the experience.