TWiT's Marketing Mavericks talks about the future of print and digital media

Host Tonya Hall with guests: Jeff Jarvis, Scott Monty, and Brian Reich talk about the leaked New York Times Innovation Report and what it means for New Media.

A few highlights

  1. 6:50 – Should not think of being in the content business rethink we are a service that makes our communities smarter… success is not measure by page views but rather if we help communities do what the community wants to do ... study and practice of engagement. (Jeff Jarvis)
  2. 21:30 – The print product has to become your bi product (Jeff Jarvis)
  3. 23:40 – "Do what you do best and link to the rest” (Jeff Jarvis)
  4. 27:40 – using the content we have from past issues, i.e.. current content referring to old content  (Scott Monty)