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Search Engine Optimization

How do I get top ranking in a Google Search?

A great question. I have spent many hours over many years trying to figure Google's secret sauce.


To start, here are some best practices for preparing your content:

  • HEADING - Write a great Heading with one or 2 keywords in it
  • SUBHEADING - Write a subheading that maybe has more keywords and gives more detail as to what is contained in your message
  • COPY - Write your content/message in simple terms: using:
  • Use language that your target customer will understand.
    • Use lists whenever appropriate.
    • Use as many keywords and keyword phrases that you can without "stuffing" your content.
    • find a good proofreader to make sure your content is perfect (grammatically, no spelling errors, and good sentence structure)

Squarespace does a pretty good job of making it easy for creating optimized titles, page URL slugs, page descriptions, locations, etc. But, there is much more to think about especially when it comes to writing the content for a website.

Next Steps

If you want to delve into more advanced SEO, check out my SEO section found in the footer of this site.